6 Eyeshadow techniques that will have you looking like a 10

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Eyeshadow is something that a lot of american girls do today in this day. It can be fun and a creative way of expressing yourself. The first thing you need to know is that starting with a primer is the best way to apply your  eyeshadow.The second thing you need to know about eyeshadow. That Blending is a Major Key.  The third most important thing you need to know is Always,and i mean ALWAYS start with a transition color. Because if you just go from straight color to another color it’s just going to go down hill from there.Think eyeshadow as a sunset. When you see a sunset it goes from lighter to darker and stays within the color wheel. People have been getting more found of eyeshadow since the year 2016. Many of which who are teenage girls. The fourth technique to great eyeshadow is finding your eye shape. Believe it or not your eye-shape can change the way your eyeshadow looks. Whether you have hooded eyes or deep set eyes. It is always very important to keep your eye-shape in mind when doing eyeshadow. The fifth Key thing to eyeshadow is having fun! You always want to have fun and express your self when doing a eyeshadow look. And last but not least the sixth and final key is to keep it cleaned up and neat, you can easily clean up your eyeshadow by using a concealer a shade lighter and a small rounded concealer brush.